Philips Fruittuin presents, informs and treats with PIT


Philips Fruittuin in Eindhoven is an important point of intersection between the city and its green hinterland. The fruit farm organises all kinds of activities, which are suitable for all ages. For example, in September, it hosted Apple Picking days, where everyone could pick their own apples and pears in its fruit-laden orchards. A perennial favourite is De Proeftuin pancake house, which, as well as pancakes and tarts, also serves soup and light meals using local products and fruit from the orchard. And in the Farm Shop, you can purchase all these delicious products to enjoy at home


Present, Inform and Treat

New to Philips Fruittuin is the PIT, an information and visitor centre whose mission is to Present, Inform and Treat. In short, PIT! This new meeting point in Landelijk Strijp, a green area on the north west edge of Eindhoven, has come about thanks to a collaboration between the city of Eindhoven, which owns the building, and the people from Philips Fruittuin, who own the land and take care of the operational side.


add value to the green environment

Marjon Krol, project manager and PURE Hubs contact person, offers support to Philips Fruittuin, for example with developing a business plan, with marketing, and with planning a range of activities. She explains the centre’s function and its broader context to us:

“PIT plays an important role in the development of the Landelijk Strijp, which includes a green business park that is currently under construction. The City of Eindhoven wants this to host businesses that add value to the green environment, and one of PIT’s tasks is to invite people from these companies and let them see what this added value means in practice.  Philips Fruittuin plays a strategic role in this, which creates an interesting win-win situation: Eindhoven’s green image is enhanced, and Philips Fruittuin has extra visitors and income.”

 a high-tech city

Specifically, what type of businesses or sectors is the city aiming at? Marjon Krol responds:  “Eindhoven is, of course, a high-tech city, so many of the companies will be of this type. But Philips Fruittuin and the PIT, a good example of a successful public-private collaboration, are also aimed at the nearby International School. The school is mainly attended by the children of foreign nationals who work in Eindhoven Brainport’s high-tech sector. This also represents important added value.”

 but also inspire

Since mid-September, PIT has been open to the public and for business meetings six days a week. Marjon Krol very much hopes that the centre will not only present, inform and treat, but also inspire.


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