Farm Tours

Leuven gets into farming with Farm Tours

On 1 August, the “Farm Tours” brochure was launched in Leuven. The main aim of the brochure, published by the Boerenbond in collaboration with Leuven City Council, is to give Leuven residents the opportunity of actively getting to know the farms in and around their city.

Overview farms

The brochure provides a brief overview of a wide range of farms – in the broad sense of the word: ranging from a dairy farm, an oilseed rape producer, a number of fruit and vegetable growers, a mushroom cultivator and a beekeeper, to a potato grower who also sells eggs and homemade farm ice-cream. And that’s before we’ve mentioned beef, organic vegetables, fruit juices, wine, syrup and a whole range of other products.

 Many of these businesses, both big and small, regularly throw open their doors to visitors. Some organise tours and tasting sessions, and the majority also sell products direct to the consumer.

know what you’re eating

Farming initiatives close to the city like the Food Teams also feature in the brochure. This not-for-profit organisation works with local groups of farmers and producers, volunteers and paid staff. The teams are committed to getting people to eat locally grown, fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, bread, dairy products etc.

Under the banner “know what you’re eating”, they support local, small-scale farming, by organising farm visits, but also via group purchasing schemes, and by distributing products through local depots.

countryside and the city closer together    

This publication is an important instrument for bringing the countryside and the city closer together. The brochure not only gives local farmers greater visibility, but also makes city dwellers more familiar with how farms work and with the origins of the products that are such an integral part of their everyday lives.

mapped out cycle routes

Farm Tours also offers the reader three beautiful, clearly mapped out cycle routes in and around Leuven. All basic details, including addresses and opening hours, can be found in the brochure. Anyone looking for more detailed, up-to-date information and news can visit our website: