PURE hubs Frankfurt

focus on regional product label

Around Frankfurt, there are two organisations closely involved with the European PURE Hubs project: SPESSARTregional and the Hessischer Bauernverband. The first of these is an association based in the Spessart area, in the districts of Hessen and Beieren, whose main aim is to promote sustainable regional development with a broad range of projects, ranging from tourist infrastructure to biogas installations. The Hessischer Bauernverband represents the interests of some 24,000 members, all of whom work in agriculture in one way or another.

branding and promotion

These two organisations – or the “Frankfurt hub” – are currently focussing on the branding and promotion of regional products. One of their aims is to stimulate the sale of fresh farm produce to people living in Frankfurt.


In September 2012 the annual Äpfelfest took place in Frankfurt Lohrberg, in collaboration with the MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg. At the same time, there was a colourful farmers’ market, which offered both practical information and products from the farming communities in the area, from meat and dairy products to vegetables and fruit. The MainÄppelHaus functions as an information centre and meeting place for everyone who is interested in orchards, nature conservation and gardening. There is also a farm shop, a nature experience garden and a meeting room.

local regional product brand

The Frankfurt hub’s first goal is to create a strong local regional product brand. In any case, the project enjoys enthusiastic support from all partners and interested parties!

More info at

SPESSARTregional e.V: http://www.spessartregional.de
Hessischer Bauernverband: www.hessischerbauernverband.de
MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg: http://www.mainaeppelhauslohrberg.de