De Brandevoortsehoeve

Helmond hub becomes delicious

Brandevoortse Hoeve lies in the south of the Netherlands, on the western edge of Helmond. The farm was built in 2008 and currently boasts a farm shop, restaurant and playing field. A number of projects are currently being developed, including one to broaden the scope of what is being grown. Brandevoortse Hoeve, which is run by Stefan and Maikel Habraken, forms a crucial link between the city and the countryside. SRE promotes the interests of this PURE hub.

locally grown, sustainable, seasonal Products

People living in the surrounding areas and villages can come here for a wide range of locally grown, sustainable, seasonal products: from potatoes, onions, sprouts, leeks, raspberries, blueberries and cherries to asparagus, pumpkins and even strawberry beer. Visitors both young and old flock here to enjoy a bite to eat and a drink in the restaurant or on the terrace, while their children play and run around to their hearts’ content on the playing field, or in the educational area indoors. For gourmets and foodies, delicious tasting sessions are regularly organised.


Helmond’s municipal authorities recently granted permission for the farm to expand. This will enable the farm shop and restaurant to be optimised and a B&B to be set up in the near future. There will also be more space created for events, parties, meetings and conferences. The current maize plot will be used for urban agriculture, in conjunction with the new secondary school that is being built opposite the farm. Finally, the expansion of the business and the car park will be an opportunity to better integrate the farm into the landscape

 link between the city and the countryside

Andriëtte van Hout, General Project Manager for SRE, explains: “The idea is to strengthen the link between the city and the countryside. For example, the business leader wants to create an indoor playground, and develop an app to allow citizens to get to know the business interactively. A further goal is to link the city of Helmond with the city of Eindhoven, and to the Croy and Waseven hubs.”

high hopes for the future

Talks with the owner about further development and optimisation as a hub are currently underway. One thing’s for sure - Andriëtte van Hout has high hopes for Brandevoortse Hoeve’s future.


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