Leuven’s schools get growing - Monday, May 12, 2014
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Nine schools in Leuven are now all set to get growing. Apart from a few edible flowers, they will mainly be growing vegetables and fruit. An initiative that is both educational and delicious, made possible thanks to the financial support of PURE Hubs and the European Interreg project IVB, the City of Leuven and Landelijke Gilden, who are taking care of the educational side of things.

On 2 and 3 April, the nine primary schools received their starter packs for their school gardens. Each school was provided with 2 square metre gardens filled with compost, plus all kinds of essential equipment like seeds, trowels, rakes and watering cans. The packs also included a handy growing guide with instructions, so that the children know how and when to get planting. In short, a treasure trove of practical information with all kinds of information and tips.

The garden containers and tools were enthusiastically received and the children are already looking forward to their first harvest, which should come sometime in June. In Leuven, over 250 pupils have already got stuck in. It is an especially educational - and surprising -experience for city children to be able to see their own pumpkins, lettuce, spinach, radishes, rocket, herbs, flowers, etc. grow and bloom. And of course, the highpoint of the experience comes when they get to taste the fruits of their labours. To be continued!